McDonald’s Haupia Pie and Local Hawaiian Breakfast

McDonald’s Haupia Pie and More

I love trying new Hawaii Restaurants but sometimes (especially when traveling with children) you just need something familiar. One morning before a big adventure to the North Shore of Kauai we stopped at McDonald’s Hawaii to fuel up for the day with local Hawaiian favorites and McDonald’s Haupia Pie.

Aloha Hawaii McDonald's


The fun thing about McDonald’s Hawaii is it offers the best of both worlds. You can order the familiar or try some local inspired flavor. Since I love Hawaiian food I decided to try the Local Deluxe Breakfast.

Hawaii McDonald's Local Breakfast Platters


The McDonald’s Hawaii Local Deluxe Breakfast includes Portuguese Sausage, SPAM, Eggs and Rice. I had already eaten my fair share of SPAM Musubi the previous week in Waikiki so being a fan of SPAM I was looking forward to trying this McDonald’s Hawaii feast. It was delicious! The rice was amazing and I love that McDonald’s served it with packages of soy sauce. The kids were not as adventurous in their ordering but they each had a taste of my Hawaii Local Deluxe Breakfast and they loved it!

Hawaii McDonald's Local Deluxe Breakfast


Even though it was morning I had to try to Haupia Pie. The Haupia Pie is unique to the McDonald’s Hawaii menu. Haupia is a coconut based dessert that you may recognize from Hawaii Luaus. The McDonald’s Haupia Pie was first introduced in 2007.  I have had the McDonald’s Poi Pie but this was my first Haupia Pie.

When I opened the McDonald’s Haupia Pie box I realized it looked exactly like the McDonald’s Apple Pie I have loved since I was a kid. The crust of the Haupia Pie was like their famous Apple Pie but the coconut milk flavored filling was a unique twist.

McDonald's Haupia Pie


I was a little nervous to take the first bite of the McDonald’s Haupia Pie.

Haupia Pie McDonald's Hawaii Local Breakfast


After taking a bite I passed it around the table to let everyone try it. The kids were not big fans of the Haupia Pie but I thought it was good. I will confess that I liked the McDonald’s Poi Pie better than the McDonald’s Haupia Pie but they were both good and a fun treat to enjoy at McDonald’s Hawaii.

Have you tried any local menu items at McDonald’s Hawaii?

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4 Responses to McDonald’s Haupia Pie and Local Hawaiian Breakfast

  1. Kirby says:

    I ordered just a regular meal (Sausage, Egg and cheese McMuffin). After I ordered, they handed me some pineapple. I was terrified! NO! I want hashbrowns! Turns out, I got Pineapple AND Hashbrowns. It made my day 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Pineapple and hashbrowns – just another example of why Hawaii is paradise!

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