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NaPali Coast Hike to Kauai Waterfalls


NaPali Coast Hike is the fourth post by guest blogger, MT,  a champion East Coast Surfer who is attending the University of Hawaii this summer. Be sure to subscribe to Hawaii Discount Blog to keep up with her Hawaii adventure “University of Hawaii – Hawaii Tours and College Life.”

We are five crazy girls who love the outdoors. I went to Kauai with these girls with the intent of exploring Kauai and hiking the NaPali coast. We really didn’t know anything about the NaPali Coast except that there are 3,000 foot cliffs and that only the bravest go hiking on it. Challenge accepted.

Natasha, who is an experienced couch surfer, met a local through the couch surfing network who was willing to take us on the NaPali Coast hike. Four girls from Quebec (who only spoke french) met the same local and we all went on the trip together. Nine girls and one guy caravanned all the way down to where the road ends on Kauai’s north shore. I have to say i was already in awe while driving the narrow and twisting roads. I feel like around every corner there is a breathtaking sight! We arrive at the end of the road to meet the head of the trail. Our local guide says “Its only two miles to the beach!” We got this.

We started the NaPali Coast trail with great enthusiasm. Ready to take on the NaPali Coast hike! All ten of us start chugging up the trail. Being in the middle of the pack I notice the French girls were lagging behind. We soon round the corner and take a break. You might say some of the girls were winded from the hike but I like to say the view took their breath away. It took us about two hours constantly going up and down to make it to the beach.


NaPali Coast Hike Kauai


After running around through caves and playing in the fresh water stream, the Local says “Hey it is two more miles to the waterfall!”  Off we go! The next two miles were wet and slippery. We had to cross three streams and climb up giant rocks. All of us were talking back and fourth until one girl squeals. “I see it! I see it!” The first time we saw the Kauai waterfall everyone stops and stares. It was beautiful falling from the tops of the cliffs 3000 feet away. It fell into a pool that was green and blue with cold mountain water.


NaPali Coast sea caves

Napali Coast Waterfalls


When we all got there, there was a small crowd of people just standing by the edge. So I yell out, “Who is getting in with me?” The five of us were the first to jump in and it was COLD. We swim all the way to the waterfall. The cold rush was the best feeling of victory!


NaPali Coast Hike Waterfalls


Soon I realize that it is 11am and I have to be back by 1 pm. Oops. Our group breaks off. Chloe and Maddie come with me. Lauren and Natasha decide to continue hiking. So we speed off racing the clock. Hopping over rocks. Climbing straight up. (Falling over roots) Chloe forgot to pack shoes so she was in her slippers the whole time. (Her toes were a little mangled at the end.) We race back to the beach and cross the big stream and start the “easy part”. The last two miles were so hard we had to stop. With no water and no food the three of us power on. The whole time we were discussing what we wanted for lunch. The agreement was a giant cheeseburger with a side of fries was the best thing on planet earth. We stumble through the last half a mile only wishing for water. Hallelujah! We made it. The NaPali Coast hike kicked my ass on the way back. It is seriously the ultimate stair stepping machine. I could barely drive the car with out my ankles shaking. But we made it! The eight mile hike was totally worth every second. I would do it again and hike it longer if I could. Go back and camp with a lot of food and water. I recommend doing the trail to anyone who is up for an adventure.


Napali Coast Hike


Hiking is not the only way to experience the beautiful NaPali Coast. You can soar over the cliffs on Kauai Helicopter Tours. Click here to read about my NaPali Coast Helicopter Tour. You can also get a view from the sea with Kauai NaPali Coast Cruises. Hawaii Discount offers a variety of Kauai Snorkeling, Kauai Sunset Sailing and Kauai Dinner Cruises that take you to the NaPali Coast. Click here to read about my NaPali Coast Snorkel Tour.

What do you think is the best way to experience the stunning NaPali Coast?

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