Not Just Hawaii Activities – Ohana and The Spirit of Aloha

The Best Hawaii Activities and the Spirit of Aloha

Last January my brother and I conquered Kauai together. Last month we joined forces again and headed to Oahu and Maui to check in with some of the best Hawaii Activities offered by Hawaii Discount. I was looking forward to experiencing some of the best Hawaii Activities but I wasn’t expecting the friendships, to be taken in as Ohana (family) and experiencing the true Spirit of Aloha.

When we landed we were greeted with Hawaiian Lei Greetings. The Lei Greeter gave us a warm welcome to Oahu.

Lei Greetings in Hawaii

The spirit of Aloha was present as soon as we landed – we were greeted with Hawaiian Lei Greetings.


Friends in Lei Greetings at Chiefs Luau

Enjoying Chiefs Luau with friends



We were able to go to one of the best Oahu Luaus, Chiefs Luau at Sea Life Park, with some great friends. Chiefs Luau makes all guests feel like part of the family with a variety of hands on Hawaii activities to participate in before dinner and audience participation throughout the show.



Chief Sielu

Cheif Sielu of Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park


I was even able to meet the star of Chiefs Luau, Chief Sielu. Chief Sielu has command of the stage and will keep you on the edge of your seat from his comedic timing to his fire knife dancing.



Comedians on Oahu

Three of the funniest men in America!


Speaking of comedic timing we had the priviledge of hanging out with some of Oahu’s most hilarious comedians, Bo Irvine and Eddie Sax. You can catch their acts at Sharkey’s Comedy Club.



Korean Dinner in Hawaii

Amazing Korean Dinner!

There is something to be said for the cutest four year old on Oahu calling you “Auntie.” It melted me heart every time Hunter referred to me this way! Not only did the Bergers take us to the most amazing Korean dinner I have ever had, but all week if we needed anything they were there for us! (Even when we accidentally sent our luggage to the wrong hotel but that is another blog post). Mitch from Guides of Oahu and Geri, designer and owner of Pineapples Boutique in Haleiwa are the model of the Aloha Spirit. One of the highlights of our week on Oahu was a delicious, homemade meal at their home in Honolulu complete with great food, great wine, lots of laughs and a great view of Waikiki’s Friday Night Fireworks.


Germaines Luau

Cousin Paulette at Germaine’s Luau

I have written several blog posts about Germaine’s Luau and it’s quest to make all guests feel like Ohana. Once again this was evident as we enjoyed our evening at Germaines Luau with over 500 of our cousins. The luau was even more special since we were able to sit with our friend Paulette who shared great stories about her life in Hawaii. Germaines Luau always delivers delicious food, fun and great entertainment!

Will and John

Our friend Will came from Kauai to meet us on Maui. We had the honor to meet him and his beautiful family on Kauai in January when he took time out of his schedule to give me a surf lesson in Hanalei Bay.  His oldest son is an amazing surfer – be sure to check out Reece Leonard’s Facebook page!



On Maui we had to pleasure of meeting Chief Palota. He is the Chief for the Polynesian Village Luau.  Not only did we enjoy dinner and drinks with him but he set up a private surf lesson for me. He also introduced us to Mick Fleetwood!

Mick Fleetwoods Restaurant on Maui

Chief Palota, John, Mick Fleetwood, Elizabeth

The Aloha Spirit is real! We enjoyed spending time with these amazing people mentioned above and I can’t wait to share more about them in future blog posts. The thing I love most about the Spirit of Aloha is our ability to pass it on even when we are not in Hawaii!

Many Mahalos to all of my new Aunties, Uncles and Cousins! You each hold a place in my heart!

I can’t wait to share all of my adventures on the best Hawaii Activities and some unusual Hawaii Activities! Be sure to check often or just go ahead and subscribe in the right hand column so you won’t miss any of the exciting posts from my recent Hawaii Adventures!

How have you experienced the Spirit of Aloha?

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