Pacific Whale Foundation Sunrise Whale Watching Tour

Pacific Whale Foundation Whale Watching

I am thrilled to share this post about Pacific Whale Foundation Whale Watching by guest blogger Kimmy Hayes of AfterGlobe.Net.

A Sunrise Whale Watching Tour with Pacific Whale Foundation is a perfect way to start one of your first days on Maui. Picking an early morning tour starts with getting to see the sun come up over the water, as well as much less people being on those boats. Not many people want to be at the dock at 5:45 am. It is also said to be the time more whales are near the water’s surface.


Pacific Whale Foundation Sunrise Whale Watch

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Once on the boat, as the sun slowly started to creep up, the light grew soft and warm with a rosy glow. We quickly started to see that there were North Pacific Humpback Whales all around us in the water. We’d catch a glimpse of their back going under water or large air bubbles coming up in the water showing us there were whales just below the surface. The sun continued to slowly make it’s climb into the sky as these beautiful creatures swam around us.

We were taken back how in such a short amount of time in the water, we had already seen so many signs of the humpback whales who come to visit Lahaina each year to breed and give birth. We shouldn’t have been surprised since Maui is the best place to see the North Pacific Humpback Whales. Yet, you have no idea how many there really are until they are all around you.


Pacific Whale Foundation Whale Watching

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A whale’s tail flapped up into the air and back down, again on the water. It came up and moved back and forth almost like the whale was waving at us. It made for a good laugh until seeing a humpback whale lift it’s self out of the water and breach.

Seeing a whale breach is unbelievable. The incredible amount of power it takes for them to push themselves out of the water and throw themselves into the air is something you can’t even phantom until you see it in person. Blink and you will miss it. Every time it happened so fast, our camera always missed it.

To protect the whales, boats are not allowed to get within 1000 yards of them. It’s best for the whales to not cause them stress and to make sure they don’t get injured. Due to this, even though we were seeing a great amount of whales, we were still pretty far away from them. However, If the whales are to come to you it’s a whole other story. I kept thinking how much I wanted them to just get closer to us.

What happened next, we still can’t believe. It seemed like a dream the next day when I woke up and still does to this day. It was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had in my life. If it hadn’t been for the pictures I took that morning. I would still be second guessing myself if it happened or not.


Pacific Whale Foundation Whale Watching Tour

Swimming the backstroke under the boat. Photo courtesy of


A beautiful whale started swimming closer and closer to our boat. She swam up right next to us, poking her head up out of the water to take a peak at the humans. She would swim to one side of the boat, poke her head up, duck back under the water, swimming under the boat to the other side. Not sure if we we’re the one’s doing the whale watching or she was watching us. It was one of the more amazing things I’ve ever seen.


Pacific Whale Foundation Lahaina Maui Hawaii

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When I think back on that day, I always question myself if it really happened. The memories are like that of a lucid dream. One thing I know for sure, having a Humpback Whale come up right in front of you doesn’t happen every day. I continue to feel blessed for having the experience and sharing it with my husband, Drew. As well as, for the whale to share herself with us in such an intimate way. This was a life changing event for me that would have never happened without our love to travel.

Pacific Whale Foundation is the only company we take for whale watching and snorkeling tours while on Maui. They provide you with knowledgeable education, reef-safe sunscreen, great food and drink, and always an amazing experience. We highly recommend their Sunrise Whalewatch tour.

Have you ever been on a sunrise whale watching tour with Pacific Whale Foundation? If not, what are you waiting for?

Thank you again to Kimmy for sharing her amazing Maui Whale Watching adventure with us! Be sure to check out to read about all of Kimmy’s adventures! Don’t miss her posts about Maui including 5 Things to Do in Lahaina Town and a review of Mama’s Fish House.

Please note that Whale Watching is seasonal. Most Hawaii Whale Watching tours operate from Mid-December to May.  

All photography by Kimmy Hayes and copyrighted under her name.

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