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Polynesian Cultural Center

In order to provide the best service, Hawaii Discount Sales Representatives check out the best Hawaii Activities, Hawaii Tours and things to do in Hawaii. Last week Hawaii Discount Sales Respresentative, Jenifer, spent the day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Read her post and find out why she said “the entire Polynesian Cultural Center is a must see!”

Hawaii Discount Sales Representatives, Jenifer and Kimberly, enjoying the Polynesian Cultural Center

Hawaii Discount Sales Representatives, Jenifer and Kimberly, enjoying the Polynesian Cultural Center


The day of Hawaii Activities at the Polynesian Cultural Center started when we jumped on the shuttle. The ride to the Polynesian Cultural Center was entertaining – our hilarious tour guide had everyone laughing. He answered all of our questions and pointed out local sights and things to do in Hawaii. He was not only a Hawaii tours guide but also performed in the show that evening.

When we arrived we were given an Ambassador stick to wear all day. I highly recommend one of the Ambassador Packages. We really got so much more out of the Polynesian Cutural Center having a guide and I loved having the back stage passes!

Our guide for the day was Eua. He took us to each of the seven different nations in the center. If you do not have a guide with you that’s ok because there are people everywhere!  At each nation you are greeted by the locals, and then you are formally welcomed into their nation. Some do dances from their nationality while others speak welcome in their native language. You are encouraged to take part in all of the Hawaii activities.


The first nation we went to was Aotearoa (New Zealand).  We were welcomed by the Priestess, warriors and the natives dancing. We enjoyed the Aotearoa activities. Our favorite activity was the Pole exchange.  It was harder then it looked –  Kimberly and I lost fast.


The next nation we went to was Fiji.  We learned fun facts about Fiji such as the King of the Tribes house had three doors and if you entered in the wrong way you could be killed.

Next we watched the Rainbow of Paradise canoe pageant. Now that was a show!  All of the nations floated down a small waterway on their canoes and danced. The reason it is called the Rainbow of Paradise is because all of the nations dress in their native clothing.  It is stunning!




After the Rainbow of Paradise show ended we headed to the Tonga.  We learned about their culture and how the people lived long ago.

The next nation was Tahiti. We learned how to do the hula.  So funny.  The women were first and let me tell you, I’m too old for that. I did do the dance and had lots of fun.

We were able to try the local food on our journey as well.  In Tahiti we had Tahitian Coconut Bread and it was delicious. They gave me the recipe and I can’t wait to make it at home. Along the way we learned about the local flowers and plants.

The next nation was Hawaii.  We learned the Taro plant that they use to make Poi came from Southeast Asia.  The Hawaiians use this plant (Poi) on all most everything. I have to say I liked it.  It was a little bland, but not bad.  I recommend eating it with the pork.

After we enjoyed the Hawaii activities we took a canoe ride to our next nation. This was a nice break after walking through the park.

Our final nation was Samoa.  The Chief put on a hilarious show including a demonstration on how to open a coconut and make fire. After the show we were given the opportunity to start a fire ourselves.  Kimberly did it and she was the only one in our group to get smoke.  Go Kimberly!  After that we made fish on a hook out of leaves. Samoa was a lot of fun!




The Luau was our next place to go which was good because we were starving by then. It began with the King giving blessings. We watched hula dancing while we were eating.  The food was delicious.


After eating we got to go back stage to see how the Ha Breath of Life is put together.  We saw the fire dancers practicing before the show and our guide showed us the costume department. Most of the actors are from the University. From there we saw the volcano that the Polynesian Cultural Center made for the show.  We were told the plant life was all real but the rocks were replicas.  When they shot off the volcano at the end of the show, you can hear it about 3 miles away.


Fire dancers practicing backstage before the Ha Breath of Life Show


The Ha Breath of Life Show was AMAZING! Let me tell you it’s worth the price of admission!

We had a great day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. My favorite part was the Ha Breath of Life show – it is a must! I also really enjoyed the Samoan Chief. He was funny and really got the crowd into the act. Last but not least I thought the Rainbow of Paradise Canoe Pageant was spectacular.

The entire Polynesian Cultural Center is a must see! Be sure to check out all of the Polynesian Cultural Center packages offered by Hawaii Discount. Hawaii Discount  offers a variety of the things to do in Hawaii including the best Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours.

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  1. Andy says:

    Very cool looking experience. Exactly what I think of when I think of Hawaiian.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Andy! It is definitely a place to check out if you are on Oahu!

  3. alice says:

    We hope to go in July. Sounds like lots of fun and something we as a family would enjoy.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Yes! It is the perfect place for the entire family! Let me know if you have any questions! Have fun!

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