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Hawaii Surf Lessons

Many people go to Hawaii to relax and unwind. I like to make the most of every moment so after hiking Koko Head I went straight to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel for my private Hawaii Surf Lesson. I have had several group surf lessons in the past but this time I wanted to take it up a notch and receive coaching on catching the best waves on my own.

I started my Hawaii Surf lesson on land going over the basics.

Hawaii Surf Lessons in Waikiki


After a short surf lesson on the beach we were ready to paddle out and catch some waves.

Waikiki Beach Surfers


It had been several months since I had been on a surfboard so I was so excited to ride my first wave in!

Hawaii Surf Lessons Waikiki


One of the perks of surfing in Waikiki are the views of world famous Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head.

Hawaii Surf in Waikiki


I enjoyed the private lesson because I was able to catch more waves. There was no down time – just paddling out, waiting for the perfect wave and riding it in.

Oahu Surf Lessons Waikiki


Waikiki Beach is one of the most popular surf locations in the world. I loved being in the ocean with so many surfers at different levels of ability.

Hawaii Surf Lesson Royal Hawaiian Hotel



Surfing is similar to life. Sometimes you catch the perfect wave and ride it all the way in. Other times you fall before you even stand up. Either way each wave is a learning experience that makes you better in the end.

Hawaii Surf Lessons in Waikiki Oahu



I had a blast during this Hawaii Surf lesson. My instructor from Waikiki Beach Services was very professional. He did a great job coaching and giving me tips.

Hawaii Surf Lessons Royal Hawaiian



I never imagined myself surfing but after my first Hawaii Surf Lesson I was hooked. Now I take every chance possible to surf in Hawaii. From surfing with views of volcanic rock on the Big Island to spending time surfing with Professional Surfer Tatiana Weston-Webb on Kauai I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to try this amazing sport.

Hawaii Discount offers a variety of Hawaii Surf Lessons on Oahu, Surf Lessons on Maui, Big Island Surfing and Kauai Surf Lessons. I highly recommend making time for Hawaii Surf Lessons on your Hawaii vacation.

Have you ever surfed in Hawaii? What is your favorite location to surf?

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