Spouting Horn Kauai – Keep Your Eyes Open for Natural Wonders

Spouting Horn Kauai

Spouting Horn is located on the South Shore of Kauai in Poipu. Waves enter under a lava shelf and burst through a small opening in the surface. The water sprays as high as 50 feet in the air.

We arrived at a large parking lot and walked through a few vendors before arriving at the lookout point. As we stood there and watched the first spray I was amazed by the sight and sound of this natural wonder.


Spouting Horn Kauai Hawaii


Little did I know while I was at the lookout point I would discover another natural wonder. As we were admiring Spouting Horn I met Jack. He grew up on Kauai and loves to revisit Spouting Horn because this is a place he would often come to when he was a child. He went on to tell us some interesting stories about his service in Italy and France during WWII.  After learning a lot from him we thanked him for his service. His response “Don’t thank me, thank the women that made the equipment.”  I thought it was refreshing to meet someone who was so humble.


Spouting Horn Kauai Veterans


Meeting Jack confirmed one of my thoughts about Hawaii. Hawaii is filled with so much beauty such as stunning waterfalls, breathtaking volcanoes, majestic marine life and more! It is easy to get carried away with the physical beauty of the islands but the people of Hawaii have so much to offer. The next time you are rushing through your Hawaii Activities list be sure to stop and learn from your Uncles, Aunties and Cousins in Hawaii. Everyone is considered Ohana (family) in Hawaii. There is a lot to learn from Hawaiian culture and the spirit of Aloha.


Spouting Horn Kauai Activities


Take Highway 50 from Hanapepe toward Lawa’i. Just past Mile Marker #11 turn right on Koloa Road (Highway 530). Continue to Po’ipu Road and turn right again. The road forks near the ocean, go right on Lawa’i Road. Spouting Horn is approximately one mile down the road on the left. Park and walk down to the overlook.

What Natural Wonders have you experienced in Hawaii?

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