Swim with Dolphins – Dolphins and You Hawaii

Swim with Dolphins – Dolphins and You

Swim with Dolphins – Dolphins and You Hawaii is by guest blogger, MT,  a champion East Coast Surfer who is attending the University of Hawaii this summer. Be sure to subscribe to Hawaii Discount Blog to keep up with her Hawaii adventure “University of Hawaii – Hawaii Tours and College Life.

As we started our Swim with Dolphins adventure we were greeted on the Dolphins and You boat with ukelele playing tour guides as the boat left the harbor. The sun was rising and the party was just starting. Dance music pumped through the speakers as each guide danced out their own introduction song. In the midst of dancing one guide grabs our hands. We were swinging in the middle of the boat within the first 20 minutes of the Swim with Dolphins – Dolphins and You tour!

Swim with Dolphins and You

After a rousing start to an already great day our guides handed out snorkel masks, fins, and life vests. All essentials for the day of exploration, to swim with dolphins, and Hawaii snorkeling. By this time we were nearly to our destination. Soon our Captain yells out that he sees some dolphins coming! The boat drifts to a stop and our group hops out one by one. The guides instruct us to look down. With great anticipation the minutes seem to slow down. Finally a small pod of five dolphins swim close by! Lauren being a scuba diver swims down as deep as she can to get the best view. The bigger dolphins make Lauren seem tiny in comparison. The dolphins breeze through the water never stopping to look at all of us curious observers. Once the small pod goes by our captain gets us back on board to find us more dolphins!

After getting our first taste of these amazing wild dolphin the whole entire group of twenty people were in a buzz to see more of these creatures. I overheard some chatter from our neighbors that this was the first time they have seen dolphins in real life. The Dolphins and You boat zips on to the next dolphin lookout but before we make it the engine shuts off and every one is instructed into the water. Everyone was in and looking down. Off in the distance I see a few creatures swimming towards us. Then the numbers start growing, ten dolphins turn into twenty, and soon a pod of thirty dolphins casually swims by our group! I could not believe my eyes. I have never seen that many dolphins in my life. These beautiful animals gracefully glide in water and then disappear into the blue. I was in such awe.

swim with dolphins oahu

We get back into the boat and every one was excited with our Swim with Dolphins sightings. A short boat ride away we stop at a spot known for turtle sightings and great snorkeling. You could swim down ten to fifteen feet and get really close to the coral. That day there were three turtles chilling on the reef and one of the turtles had a line wrapped around its fin! The guides immediately saved the day and cut the turtle free.

swim with dolphins and sea turtles

While we were snorkeling the captain was making his famous taro burgers. The bread was made from taro root which made it bright purple. This was the one of the best burgers I have ever had. I think the sun, water, and boat ride made it taste even better. While our lunch was being served we head back to the marina. One instructor serenaded us with his ukelele and sang hawaiian folk songs. Soon dancing more ensued!

We hop off the boat and say our goodbyes to every one we have met. Thinking we are heading home we get on the bus, but the bus slows down at a park. In the middle of the park in the shade is a Hula instructor! We get to learn how to hula! Everyone is given leis, and sarongs to put on. We are doing the hula in no time.

Hula Dancing Dolphins and You

After our hula session our day of fun is over. The whole bus ride back Lauren and I  discuss how we wish we could do it again the next day! I would definitely go on the Swim with Dolphins – Dolphins and You tour again. It was such a blast and a great way to spend a day in Hawaii.

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