Taro Pies from McDonalds – Oh Poi!

Taro Pies

McDonald’s didn’t make my list of Best Oahu Restaurants or Best Kauai Restaurants but if you want a unique McDonald’s treat in Hawaii stop by for Taro Pies!


Taro Pies McDonalds Hawaii


Taro Pies have the same crust and shape as their Apple Pie but the purple filling is sweet and creamy with small cubes of taro in it. The taste of the taro is subtle in the hot, sticky filling.


Taro Pies McDonald's



Poi is a Hawaiian staple made from the corm of the taro plant. The texture of poi is like paste and the flavor is delicate.  Poi is very nutritious and is even fed to babies born with milk allergies.


Poi at Hawaii Luaus


If you don’t make it to McDonald’s for Taro Pies be sure to try Poi at a Hawaiian Luau! I recommend eating Poi with lomi lomi salmon on the side. If you are looking for the best Hawaii Luaus check out Hawaii Discount. Hawaii Discount offers low prices on Maui Luaus, Kauai Luaus, Oahu Luaus, and Big Island Luaus.

Have you had McDonald’s Taro Pies? Did you like them?

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3 Responses to Taro Pies from McDonalds – Oh Poi!

  1. Anonymous says:

    We bought 4 pies from McDonald's. They were only $1. However, I mustt admit I didnt' take more than one bite. Not for this girl.

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