The Best Hawaii Activities – No April Fools!

Best Hawaii Activities

April Fool’s Day is my dad’s favorite holiday.  As long as I can remember he has pulled off the best, most believable and most elaborate April Fools jokes!  We brace ourselves each April 1 waiting for his pranks but he still manages to fool everyone.

One of my earliest April Fools memories was when I was in elementary school. April Fools day fell over Spring Break and we were in a hotel.  My dad woke up early and quietly sprayed shaving cream on the earpiece of the telephone in the hotel room (this was long before the days of cell phones).  He tiptoed out of the room to the lobby and called our room.  We were still sleeping so my mom was not quite awake when she answered the phone.  When she picked up the phone the shaving cream got all over her ear!  She didn’t realize what was happening and since she couldn’t hear the caller she switched the phone to her other ear!  Shaving cream was everywhere!  My dad came back to the room quite proud of the April Fools prank he had pulled off!

I have already found some great April Fools Day 2011 jokes on the internet today.  Youtube has a video of the Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911.  My favorite joke is from Google.  Today they introduced Gmail Motion.

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Have a fun April Fool’s Day!  What is the best April Fools joke you have pulled or seen?

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