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The Descendants Movie Locations

Congratulations to George Clooney, Alexander Payne and The Descendants for their Oscar Nominations for Best Actor, Best Director, Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.  In honor of the nominations I have attached some additional photos of one the most beautiful beaches in the world, Hanalei Bay.

The breathtaking beauty of Hanalei Bay was captured in the Oscar Nominated film, The Descendants.

Photo Courtesy of Fox Searchlight
Photo Courtesy of Fox Searchlight

Hanalei Pier was originally built in 1892 to help Hanalei farmers forward their taro crops to market.  It was a Kauai film location for the 1957 film, South Pacific.

Hanalei Bay is a popular beach for surfing.  I even caught a few waves last time I was there.

Hanalei Bay at Sunset.

The stunning view as the King Family looks over their land. This was filmed at Kauai’s Kipu Ranch.

Photo Courtesy Fox Searchlight
Check out this video about Filming in Hawaii and behind the scenes of The Descendants film locations.

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Hawaii Discount offers a variety of ways to see the beautiful locations from The Descendants.  Check out our Kauai Movie Tours and the variety of Kauai Activities with Outfitters Kauai at scenic Kipu Ranch.

Do you think The Descendants will win an Oscar?

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5 Responses to The Descendants Oscar Nominations – Kauai Movie Tours

  1. Patti says:

    First let me say,the Location was great Hanalei Bay is a Perfect beach.George is great actor, and He should get the Award for Best actor.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I agree Patti! I love Hanalei Bay and it was perfect for the film! I hope George wins!

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  4. John Fradella says:

    You have a GREAT blog on Hawaii activities and tours ! I am going to bookmark this one !

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