Tips for Flying to Hawaii

Flying To Hawaii

Hawaii is the most beautiful location on the planet. Many people have to take a long flight to make it to paradise. I have had a lot of practice surviving the long flight to Hawaii. I often fly the 10 hour nonstop flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Honolulu, Hawaii. Check out my Tips for Flying to Hawaii – long haul flights.

Traveling to Hawaii Tips


1. Charge your electronics – Laptops, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, Nintendos, etc. Electronics are a great way to pass the time, especially for young travelers. Some flights have ability to charge your electronics but many planes do not have chargers so be sure to board with a full battery. You may want to invest in a portable battery pack. If you want to work online many flights offer in flight wi-fi but even for those flights the wi-fi is not available from California to Hawaii.

Traveling to Hawaii WiFi


2. Download movies or a television series to watch during the flight. Depending on the airline they usually offer an inflight movie. I like to fly with my own arsenal of tv shows and movies I haven’t had time to watch. I recommend a television series or movie that was filmed in Hawaii to give you a preview of the beautiful scenery you are going to experience first hand. Some tv shows or movies filmed in Hawaii include: Hawaii Five-0, LOST, 50 First Dates, The Descendants, Soul Surfer, The Hunger Games – Catching Fire and Jurassic Park. Once you arrive Hawaii you can even experience Hawaii Movie Tours and see the exact locations these shows and movies were filmed.

Flying to Hawaii Movie Tours on Oahu


3. Bring a pillow I bring my own travel pillow that attaches to the top of my carry on. I often take the red eye from Hawaii to the mainland so I always try to get some sleep to help adjust to the time change.

Hawaiian Print Travel Pillow


4. Take several magazines about HawaiiHawaii Magazine is one of my favorite magazines. With several hours to spend on a plane, reading about your destination will build the excitement and give you ideas of Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities you want to experience on your Hawaii Vacation.

Hawaii Magazine Cover Cameron Brooks


5. Keep hydrated. Bring empty water bottles to fill up at a water fountain after passing security. The air in a plane is very dry and may dehydrate your system. You may also want to bring lip balm and lotion. Many recommend staying away from alcohol because it is dehydrating but I always like to kick off the flight with a Mai Tai!

Flying to Hawaii Mai Tai


6. Move around  It is important to get up and move around during long flights. Moving around will help prevent aches due to poor circulation

7. Bring snacks Most airlines offer meals and snacks but they can be pricey and limited. Even if you plan to order a meal I would pack a few snacks. You can research the food options available on your flight. For example Delta has the menu for the Atlanta to Honolulu flight online.

8. Choose your seat wisely People have different preferences, for example I would give up extra leg room for a window seat. I love taking in scenic Hawaii when we depart and land. The window seat also makes it easier for me to get some sleep. I always try to get a seat that is not near the lavatory. Websites such as can help you choose the seat that would be best for you.

Flying to Hawaii Window Seat


9. Headphones Airlines often charge a fee to use their headphones to watch the in-flight movie. These headphones are usually poor quality so I suggest bringing your own. Be sure to have a double pronged adaptor in case the airline doesn’t have normal jacks. Bose makes great noise cancelling headphones that are perfect for long flights.

Flying to Hawaii Bose Headphones


10. Toothbrush and Change of Clothes I board long haul flights in comfortable clothes and always bring a toothbrush and change of clothes in my carry on. About an hour before landing I freshen up and change my clothes so I am ready to go once I land. I want to look and feel my best when I land and am greeted with a beautiful Hawaii Flower Lei.

Flying to Hawaii Lei Greetings



Do you have any Tips for Flying to Hawaii to add to the list?



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  1. Regina Floyd says:

    Awesome tips about flying to Hawaii. I believe choosing the right airline is huge too. I like to fly Hawaiin Air and get the feel of Hawaii from the moment I leave. Live here now, so not sure what to expect when flying to the mainland – maybe more mainland feel

    Thanks for sharing

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