Today Show in Hawaii #TodayAdventure #TodayInHawaii

Today Show in Hawaii

On Monday, May 20, the Today Show will broadcast live from Waikiki! I have been a fan of the Today Show for many years. I even met Matt Lauer when I went to the live broadcast of the Today Show in New York City!  I can’t wait to see the Today Show in Hawaii!

Today Show Audience


This morning I saw the following tweet from @todayshow:  What should the TODAY anchors do on their visit to Hawaii? Send your tweets/pics/vines with hashtag: #TODAYInHawaii

I took their assignment seriously. I sent tweets from the Hawaii Discount Twitter account and my personal Twitter account with suggestions for the Today Show anchors for the best Hawaii Activities while they are on Oahu. I even sent links to my Vine videos.

After sending all of the suggestions I had the bright idea that they should just have me on the Today Show in Hawaii. I could tell them about the best Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities and share tips to save money on a Hawaii Vacation.

Hawaii Tours for Today Show in Hawaii

BOB Underwater Scooter – Breathing Observation Bubbles

BOB Underwater Scooter – Breathing Observation Bubble is a fun and unique way to experience the marine life on Oahu! I loved the sensation of breathing underwater as I watched beautiful fish and green sea turtles swim around me.

Breathing Observation Bubble


The Zen Tour with Oahu’s Master Tour Guide

If the Today Show in Hawaii wants to get a unique perspective of Hawaii and away from the touristy locations they need to check out The Zen Tour. This is not your typical Hawaii Tour. The Zen Tour goes to locations that many locals don’t even know about! The Master Guide of the Zen Tour provides interesting facts about Hawaii throughout the entire tour! Mitch is the most likable and informed guide on Oahu!

The Zen Tour on The Today Show Hawaii


Diamond Head Hike

A trip to Oahu should include a hike to the top of Diamond Head. The views from the top of the volcanic crater are spectacular! If the Today Show in Hawaii wanted to kick it up a notch they could hike Koko Head.

View from the top of Diamond Head


Hawaiian Luaus

There is no excuse for the Today Show in Hawaii to miss a Hawaiian Luau! I think the Today Show anchors would love Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park. Chief Sielu puts on an amazing show – from the Imu Ceremony to the Fire Dancing this hilarious Hawaiian Luau has it all!



Surfing in Hawaii

One of the first things people think about when they think about Hawaii is surfing! The beautiful North Shore of Oahu is the location of famous big wave surfing competitions but Waikiki is a great place to learn to surf! I took my first surf lesson in Waikiki and after that first lesson I was hooked!

Waikiki Surf Lessons


Those are just 5 suggestions I have for the Today Show in Hawaii. I would love to be on the show and tell them more about the best Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities! Hawaii is my passion and I love working for Hawaii Discount.

My Journey with Hawaii Discount

Hawaii Discount has not only provided me with a job but it brought me closer to one of the most important people in my life. My brother, John, and I did not have much in common growing up. We drifted apart when John went to college. Several years later John had an idea for a Hawaii Tours website. was born and as the company began to grow he gave me a part time job. As we worked on his website together we finally became close. John gave me a flexible job that allowed me to stay home with my kids but the best part of the job was the connection it gave us. We began spending more time together. Throughout the years John has not only become my boss but he has become my best friend. I recently went through some tough times and my brother was my rock during the entire process. I would not have made it through that part of my life without him. Today the clerical job where I added Hawaii Tours to his growing website has become the ultimate job where I blog about the best Hawaii Tours and run the Hawaii Discount Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ social media accounts. The prize is not the ultimate job but the fact that I get to work with my best friend. I am forever grateful for all my brother has done for me and for my children.

Today Show in Hawaii Chiefs Luau


If you are a Today Show producer reading this I would love to be a part of the Today Show in Hawaii! If nothing else I would love for you to link to my blog so I can share the best Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities with those that are planning a Hawaii Vacation this summer!

Be sure to check out this link with more information about the Today Adventure and Today Show in Hawaii.

What do you think the Today Show Anchors should do in Hawaii?

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4 Responses to Today Show in Hawaii #TodayAdventure #TodayInHawaii

  1. John says:

    Thanks Lil Sis! I love you.

  2. Shenli says:

    It was a terrible show; an insult to the local ppl! Wrong info, etc! A plain touristy show! No truth!!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Shenli – I was a bit disappointed too. I feel like they could have taken a different approach.

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