Maui-Top 10 Places to Visit

Maui-Top 10 Places to Visit

Road to Hana

Road to HanaThe Hana Highway is 68 miles long and consists of one lane bridges and hairpin turns. Traveling along the Road to Hana is a popular activity. If it is your first time or if you don’t feel confident enough to attempt driving this road we recommend taking a tour with local experts. Polynesian Adventure tours will take you safely along the Hana coast with their Hana Adventure tour.


HaleakalaHaleakalā, also known as the House of the Sun, was once an active volcano but now it provides beautiful views as high as 10,000 feet above sea level. It’s a long drive to the top but it’s a perfect location to see an awesome sunrise. Haleakalā National Park consists of 30,000 acres of public land and takes up about 75% of Maui. Come experience a Haleakalā sunrise tour or a Central Maui tour to see it during the day!

O’heo Gulch-7 Sacred Pools

Oheo Gulch-7 Sacred Pools Located just 15 minutes south of Hana, this is one of the most serene locations on Maui. It consists of 7 beautifully tiered natural swimming holes. You can visit this location on your own for only a $10.00 fee per vehicle or visit this location with an experienced guide on the Hana Adventure.

Kuka‘emoku (ʻĪao Needle)

Iao Valley NeedleThis 1,200 foot landmark is located just west of Wailuku in Central Maui. This is the site of an epic battle where King Kamehameha I clashed with Maui’s army in his attempt to unite the islands.  At the national park there is a paved and well-marked path that leads to a viewing site. If you wish to go with a tour guide you can book the Maui Sightseeing Tour.

Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Black Rock

Considered to be one of the most popular beaches, it is home to white sand, clear water and Puu Kekaa (or Black Rock). During the evening show of the Sheraton Maui Nui Luau you can witness the cliff divers light torches and reenact the feat by Maui’s own King Kahakili.


Old Lahina Luau

This historic town has become Maui’s famous go to site for restaurants, art galleries and even a few luaus, like Old Lahaina or the Feast at Lele. If you are looking for adventure on the water, from Lahaina harbor you can disembark on a whale watch or even a snorkel tour to see Molokini and Lanai.

Makena Beach State Park

Makena beach

Also known as the “Big Beach” this area is about 2/3 of a mile long and 100 yards wide. This golden sand beach is great for snorkeling and can provide a little more isolation as compared to Kaanapali or Lahaina. In this location you can be sheltered from trade winds and also have a view of Molokini and Kahoolawe.

Pineapple fields

Maui Pineapple fields

“There is only one place in the United States where you can take a tour of a working pineapple plantation.” Take a Maui Gold Pineapple Express tour to see for yourself. You will get to tour the factory, learn about the pineapple heritage, taste fresh pineapple and even receive a boxed pineapple to bring home.

Kaumahina State Park

Keanae Valley

This is another site you will see on the Hana Adventure tour. Located off of Hana Highway this 7.8 acre forest is home to many exotic plants and offers scenic views of the coastline. You can go to Ke’anae Lookout where you can see the entire Ke’anae peninsula!

Pua`a Ka`a State Park

Pua`a Ka`a falls

Pua`a Ka`a falls on Maui

Located along the Hana Highway this state park consists of 5 acres of rainforest and waterfalls. This park has easy to navigate, paved trails. Several small waterfalls are easily visible. But you can also take a dirt trail to see a larger waterfall. You will see this location as well on the Hana Adventure tour.

If you feel like touring these locations on your own be sure to book a rental car in advance. Maui has a lot to do and see and you don’t want to miss out on the top spots during your visit! If you are looking for another tour bus alternative so see Haleakalā, check out a Maui Downhill Bike tour. Hawaii Discount offers several options to see and explore parts of Maui. Call or book online for guaranteed low prices!  

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