Travel Blog Bucket List – Hawaii Activities Style

Travel Blog Bucket List

The end of the year is a time of reflection for me. This year instead of making New Year’s Resolutions I have been working on my bucket list. Before I started working on my own travel blog bucket list I enjoyed reading some other travel blog bucket lists from my friends on twitter.

The Traveling Philosopher has an extensive Bucket List. He includes several things that can be checked off with a Hawaii Vacation such as “take a ride in a submarine“, “catch a fish or shark that is taller than me (above 6’3″)”, “learn to surf” and “sled down a volcano in Hawaii.”

Another great bucket list is on ilivetotravel’s Travel Blog.  This bucket list includes 150 items and he has already checked off 96 of them! Of course one he has not checked off yet is #49 “Relaxing in Hawaii.” Hawaii Discount can help him check that one off!

Photo Courtesy Hawaii Beach Time

Photo Courtesy Hawaii Beach Time


Another great bucket list is on the See Me Swim Travel Blog. I really enjoyed reading this list and the first item on her list is on my bucket list as well “See the Northern Lights.” I think I should add one I saw on her list “master driving a stick shift.” She also had “shower in a waterfall“, “learn to sail a boat”, “get SCUBA certification” and “camp on a beach”.  These are items that would be fun to check off in Hawaii!

Hawai Waterfalls in Kauai

One more blog I enjoyed was the Big Island Bucket List on the Sheraton Kona Travel Blog. I have stayed at the beautiful Sheraton Kona and highly recommend it. I love that you can often see the majestic manta rays from their restaurant – Rays on the Bay. The Big Island Bucket List includes going to the summit of Mauna Kea, and a night dive for an up-close encounter with manta rays.

Manta Ray Night Snorkeling

Manta Ray Night Snorkeling


I am at a crossroads in my life and have decided to seize the day and dream big! My bucket list is a work in progress:

1. Master hula dancing

2. Spend a summer in a house on Hanalei Bay

3. Take a mission trip to Kenya

4. Take a solo trip to Italy and rediscover the places I saw when I studied abroad

5. Be on the Travel Channel

6. Experience Thailand

7. Ski in Switzerland

8. Eat Greek food in Greece

9. Learn to figure skate

10. Experience Paris with a significant other

11. See the Northern Lights

12. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 

13. Get my email inbox to zero

14. Be an airport lei greeter for a day

15. “Witness Something Truly Majestic” – This is the one item I stole from the movie “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It made sense for me to add it to my list but as I type this and look at my three amazing kids I realize I witness something truly majestic everyday – watching my three children grow into kids I am very proud of. Checking off my bucket list will be fun but no bucket list compares to being blessed with amazing family and friends.

I can go ahead and check off #15 on my bucket list!

I can go ahead and check off #15 on my bucket list!


I hope all of my readers have a Happy New Year and a fabulous 2013!

What is on your bucket list?

Many mahalos to ilivetotravel for sending their bucket list to me! Be sure to check out his travel blog I would also like to thank SeeMeSwim! Another great travel blog to check out at

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8 Responses to Travel Blog Bucket List – Hawaii Activities Style

  1. I look forward to checking off my #49 some day! I also highly encourage you to do that mission trip whether in Kenya or elsewhere. This coming Feb, I will be hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to help out a local orphanage in Moshi. I did a similar trek last summer and it was such an amazing experience!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Raul! After reading your comment I went ahead and put in my application for the mission trip! Can’t wait to read about your trip in February! If you blogged about your trek last summer will you post the link?

  3. Kenin -The Constant Rambler says:

    Nice list! I like the Greek food in Greece one:-) we have “see an active volcano” on our list. Maybe we could do that in Hawaii ?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I loved your list and “Sail through the Greek isles” sounds as good as “Eat Greek food in Greece.” Lava is flowing right now on the Big Island – it would be a great place to check that one off your list – here are some pics of the lava flow and then this is the post where I saw the lava flow via helicopter tour

  5. Great bucket list! I love the idea of being a lei greeter for a day! You’d make everyone so happy! I’d also like to join you to Spend a summer in a house on Hanalei Bay. :)

  6. Love reading others’ bucket lists. They are always so interesting and inspiring. Yours was no exception.

    Here’s my bucket list:

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Meagan! I can’t wait to check out your bucket list!

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