Which Kauai Luau? Our evening at Smiths Luau

Smiths Kauai Luau

After our Kauai Kayaking journey we were ready for a Kauai Luau! We headed to Smiths Tropical Paradise Luau. Smiths Luau is the oldest Kauai Luau – it started over 20 years ago and today three generations work at Smiths Luau.

Entering Smiths Luau

When we entered the grounds I was blown away by the beauty of the Smiths Luau gardens.

The Grounds of Kauai Luaus

We were greeted with a shell lei greeting.

Lei Greetings at Smiths Luau

We hopped on a tram and took a ride through the gorgeous gardens.  We saw all sorts of beautiful plants and Hawaiian flowers.


The Kauai Luau festivities began with the traditional blowing of the conch.

Blowing of the conch

Blowing of the conch


We gathered around the Imu as the pig was unearthed. To prepare the pig they placed a mesquite type of wood at the bottom. Next they placed lava rocks. Lava rocks are used because they are porous and keep heat inside.  Sections of a banana tree were placed on the rocks.  Then they placed a layer of banana leaves and ti leaves. Finally the pig goes into the pit.  They even put hot lava rocks in the pig to cook from inside out and outside in. More ti leaves and banana leaves are placed on top of the pig.  Finally it is covered with a tarp and 8-9 hours later the pig or pauaa is ready!

Lava Rocks used in the Imu

Lava Rocks used in the Imu

Dinner is ready!

Taking out the Pig from the Imu

Ready to pig out at the Smiths Kauai Luau feast!

Unearthed Pig

Imu - Underground Oven

The Imu (Underground Oven)


After the Imu Ceremony we headed to the open bar for some cocktails!

Cocktails at Hawaii Luaus

Next came my favorite part – the Kauai Luau feast! I piled my plate high with delicious Hawaiian food such as salads, poi, teriyaki beef, mahi mahi, lomi salmon and of course Kalua Pig!  It was delicious!

Food at Hawaii Luaus

The Smith family provided Hawaii Entertainment during dinner.

Hawaii Entertainment

After dinner we went to the spectacular Smiths Luau Hula Show.  It was complete with music, hula and an amazing fire dancer. Pele, Goddess of Fire and Volcano, emerges out of the darkness from atop a lava flowing mountain, to tell her story. Smiths Tropical Luau offers amazing Hawaii Entertainment. The luau show includes dances from Tahiti, Hawaii, Philippines, New Zealand and Samoa.

Hawaii Hula Dancer

We had a blast at Smiths Luau on Kauai! From the beautiful gardens to the delicious feast and the memorable hula show this was an amazing Kauai Luau! I really appreciated the fact that this luau is a family business. It was fun to see the three generations having fun, working together and making sure all of the guests have a great time at Smiths Tropical Paradise Luau.

Check out this video of Smiths Kauai Luau:

What is your favorite thing to eat at a Hawaiian luau?

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