Why You Should Go To Hawaii – Hawaii Tours and more!

Hawaii Tours and more!

With a variety of Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities, Hawaii has something for everyone! Hawaii offers beauty, adventure and culture. When someone asks me “Why should I go to Hawaii?” I send them here to read my blog posts about my Hawaii Adventures, Hawaii Tours and to see photos of paradise. Of course photos never do justice to the beauty of Hawaii – it is something that you must experience firsthand.

We have a lot of fun on our Hawaii Discount Facebook page. Yesterday I asked the question If someone asked you “Why should I go to Hawaii?” what would you tell them? We had great feedback from our friends on facebook. The answers ranged from Hawaii Tours to spam musabi! Check out some of their reasons why you should go to Hawaii:

  • Patty M: Because it IS paradise!
  • Gene R: The friendliest people and the nicest weather, sights, food and environment of any place in the world. Went last year and going back this August. Can’t wait.
  • Jim H: Hawaii is as close to paradise as one probably can get…with Kauai closest of all to me.


  • Amanda D: The most beautiful place on earth
  • Shirley E: Hawaii is the closest thing to Paradise on this earth!! It is the most beautiful place. You can’t describe how gorgeous it really is…LOVE IT!
  • Allan R:  Sites and shaved ice yummy

Hawaii Shave Ice

  • Denise B: Because it is heaven on earth and full of the Aloha spirit. It is truly a place like no other. Once you go you will never want to leave.
  • Jaleigh S: It is romantic and fun, warm, beautiful. And exotic.
  • Glinda M: Beautiful sunsets and wonderful place to visit throughout the islands.


  • Dianne P: Most incredible place in the world to soul search
  • Julz N: It’s amazing! So relaxing, so fun, so much to discover! And the Lava Flow cocktails at the Shore Bird are to die for
  • Glenn K: Spam musabi & Loco moco!
Spam musubi 3

Photo From HawaiiMagazine.com


  • Kimm B: So beautiful, calm, relaxing, friendly, safe, just everything you would want when in paradise
  • Melissa L: It is beautiful beyond your dreams & will truly be a life changing trip! It was for us! The Hawaiian people are so peaceful, true, respectful & full of joy!
  • Jaleen S:  The peace and tranquility that is prevalent, even in the busy city of Honolulu, is unbelievable. You come home refreshed, revitalized and having experienced not only the big city and the beaches but also a unique and amazing diverse culture unlike anywhere else on earth. To anyone who wants to go,…do it!! You won’t regret it.


There are so many reasons to experience the beauty of Hawaii. Whether it is to enjoy Hawaii Tours, to relax or to try poi, Hawaii has something for everyone. Hawaii is a destination where you will make memories for a lifetime!

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3 Responses to Why You Should Go To Hawaii – Hawaii Tours and more!

  1. Carrie says:

    Hawaii is not a place, it is a state of mind…

  2. If you have not gone to Hawaii yet, you have not gone anywhere…… I have been to Oahu 35 times and going again this May for a month, how about that! The best Luau is at the Ko’Olina Luau with Chief Sielu Avea with great food and a fantastic show with comedy, fire knife dancing, hula girls, audience participation, right at the beach area, and much more.. The view there is breath taking and great on the eyes.. You would think you died and went to heaven, so should you go there, Ko’Olina Luau is a MUST!.. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.. THE CHIEF is more than fantastic, he is unbelievable, and may I add, a good friend as well and lucky to have him as a friend for many yrs. now.. God Bless Him for all his many talents………… Aloha!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Madeline! I agree about Chief Sielu – he is one of the best performers I have ever seen! He is hilarious! Those that don’t make it to Ko’Olina can check him out at Chiefs Luau at Sea Life Park with transportation from Waikiki! Thank you again for reading the blog! http://www.chiefsluau.com

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